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Published by Pacific Society of China (PSC), the Pacific Journal is a social science journal in the field of marine science and technology in china, and its post of editor-in-chief was once held for years by Mr. Yu Guangyuan, the renowned economist. Since the first issue published in 1993, this journal has been successively selected into the databases of GCJC, CSSCI, Chinese Core Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, The Important Reprinted Journals of Renmin University of China, Chinese Core Journals of Politics and Law Studies, etc.

The Pacific Journal has been adhering to the tenet of "giving priority to the Chinese seas, exploring the Pacific, paying close attention to national development of China, and studying the overall situation of the world" and has gathered a number of devoted experts and scholars who actively research international relations and other fields of social science. With a large number of high level academic papers published on it, the journal has become a good teacher and helpful friend to those who are enthusiastic about the Pacific regional academic issues.

In 2010, the editorial department of the journal was moved to Beijing to be reconstructed. Since then, the Pacific Journal became more professional and in-depth when being organized in a more responsible and wise way. With discussing the present and the future of political, economic, oceanichistorialcultural, social and security issues in the Pacific region with our friends, we aim to make contributions to the China-Pacific economic, social, scientific, and cultural communications, and to the peaceful development of the Pacific.

Permanent columns of this print include: Politics and Law, International Relations, Economics and Society,Development and Strategy, History and Culture. 

Facing the new situation of global and domestic conditions, the journal will pay more attention to the deep theoretical studies on international politics and oceanography.

Pacific Journal, size 16, 96 – 106 pages, published monthly on 20th in China and abroad

Pacific Journal